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30th April to 10th May 2020 - VE Day & May Day, The Lawns, Spalding.
The Lawns, Lowgate, Fleet Hargate, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE12 8LN
Bank holiday at the Lawns Spalding. site fee £14.00 per night with hookup.
As we now know the bank holiday will be 8th May due ... more...

V E celebrations

This will be a full weekend of military and stalls etc
So for the first weekend you are here (Saturday 2/5/20) we have Paul Stokes entertaining us beautiful singer was on Stars in their Eyes. Normal format 2 Course meal, bingo, raffle and Paul Stokes priced at £15 per person

The military guys will start to arrive from the Wednesday onwards – with the start of the weekend being on the Friday – costume wearing encouraged.

Friday 8/5/20 – Military stalls and exhibitions hopefully a few vehicles, check point Charlie, Soldiers both British and German, Military police, children’s competitions – with a skirmish between soldiers happening in the afternoon – followed by Street Party at 6.30pm lovely spread of sandwiches and cakes served with Punch (all homemade of course tickets £12 per person).

Saturday 9/5/20 – All Exhibitions/stalls etc., still in place in the afternoon it will be fun time with the Soldiers vs Cowboys as there will be a full blown wild west town on site – 6.00pm Start of Evening with everybody gathering for Champagne Reception at 6.00pm – followed by 2 Course Meal and the Memphis Belles – Tickets priced at £17

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